Berry & McGehee, PLLC advises businesses in all types of business matters-- selecting the appropriate business entity; structuring agreements between the owners; structuring business succession plans to the next generation; creating agreements with key employees and customers; and negotiating acquisition and sale transactions; and resolving business disputes.   Our representation generally falls into five areas, further described below:


Business Formation and Restructuring

We assist clients in choosing an appropriate organizational form for their businesses, such as an S Corporation, Limited Liability Company, or a Partnership, taking into consideration how the business ownership will be structured, how the business will be managed, as well as the tax consequences involved in that selection.  We also assist clients in getting their businesses up and running, with tax and regulatory compliance. We also assist clients in preparing shareholder agreements, operating agreements, and buy-sell agreements among the owners of the business.    We also assist clients in restructuring their businesses, be it adding or removing owners, or participating mergers or acquiring or selling assets.


On-Going Business Advising

We also counsel our business clients with respect to matters that arise in daily operations. Our goal is to know our client's business as well as they do, and to help anticipate their future needs.  In this regard, we prepare employment agreements, and other contracts used in daily business operations.  We also counsel business owners on business succession planning, and help coordinate their business succession plans with their other estate planning documents.


Commercial Transactions

 Berry & McGehee PLLC understands that business deals cannot wait.  We understand that time is often of the essence, but at the same time, a deal must be cost-effective.  Berry & McGehee PLLC is capable of assisting its clients in a variety of commercial transactions, such as purchase or sale agreements and the negotiation and preparation of contracts.


Business Dispute Resolution

Unfortunately, not all transactions go as planned.  We help business clients resolve business disputes in the most cost-effective manner possible.  Sometimes, litigation is the only answer.  However, when appropriate, we assist our clients in informal settlement discussions or mediation proceedings, so that our business clients can get back to making money in their business. 


Financial Services

Berry & McGehee, PLLC serves as counsel for various financial institutions in South Central Kentucky.  We are experienced in commercial lending transactions, as well as collections and creditor rights services.