One of the most frustrating aspects of business is dealing with individuals and businesses that fail to pay debts in a timely manner.  The attorneys at Berry & McGehee, PLLC have extensive experience in providing assistance to clients with the collection of debts and receivables.  Our practice includes the representation of local, regional, and national clients seeking assistance with the collection of outstanding loans or receivables.  We are known for our ability to handle any type of collection matters, and we recognize the importance of providing a collection team that consistently achieves our goals of maximizing recovery for clients, maintaining professionalism, and complying with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other applicable laws.


Our clients include large and small banks, commercial lenders, finance companies, businesses and individuals.  Our collection program is efficient and cost-effective.  The team of collection attorneys, paralegals, and assistants at Berry & McGehee PLLC utilize a broad range of experience to maximize recoveries for clients in need of assistance with debt collection cases.


Services provided to clients in debt collection cases include demand letters to debtors, working to restructure debts and establish voluntary repayment plans, depositions (debtor exams), filing lawsuits to collect unresolved debts, asset searches, collateral recovery, and judgment enforcement by way of liens, foreclosures, garnishments (wage and non-wage), attachments, and writs of possession.


We also assist our clients in maximizing their recovery in a bankruptcy case.  A bankruptcy does not necessarily mean a debt is not collectible, provided that a creditor follows proper legal channels for recovery.  Whether a debtor has filed a Chapter 7 (liquidation case), Chapter 13 (debt repayment plan) or Chapter 11 (reorganization plan), our experienced bankruptcy attorneys will review the case and ensure that our clients receive the maximum available recovery.   


We work to provide consultation to clients throughout the collection process.  Our goal is to purse the most efficient and resourceful method of collection given the unique circumstances of each client and case.